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Casio fx-991ES Plus-2

Casio fx-991ES Plus-2

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Natural textbook display
Standard Scientific Calculators

Product features

Non Programmable
Non Graphing
Number of Functions : 417

Basic calculation

Basic Calculation
Bracket Calculation
Fraction Calculation
Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations
Reciprocal Calculation
Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)
Factorial Function
Calculation with √ and π
Rounding Function

Advanced calculation

Transcendental number: e
Base-n calculation
Logical Operators
Complex number calculation
Matrix calculations
Vector calculations
Differential calculation
Integration calculation

Applied calculation

Multi-statement Command (:)
Continuous Calculation
Replay Function
Multi-replay Function
CALC Function
SOLVE Function

Basic functions

Basic Mathematical Functions
Number of Functions : 417
Absolute Value Calculation
Power Function (Square)
Power Function (Cube)
Power Function
Power Function (Square Root)
Trigonometric Function
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
Exponential Calculation
Logarithmic Calculation
Log not base 10
Coordinate Conversion
Combination / Permutation
Random Number Generation
Random Integer Generation

Physics- and chemistry-related functions

Scientific Constants
Metric conversion function

Statistical data

List based STAT-data editor

Statistical calculation

Statistics Function
Basic Statistics
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